Worry About Yourself!

Little Girl photoRecently a short video was being shared over social media that caught my attention and that of many others. It featured a little girl who couldn’t have been more than two years old trying to buckle herself into her car seat. Her father, who was recording her, asked patiently if he could help her and in reply she told him very sternly, “Worry about yourself!” Their exchange went on for a bit with her continuing to refuse help and repeating her admonition.

The video was cute and gave me a laugh, and reminded me of another very strong-willed little girl that I know, and I continued to think about it for a while after I watched it. I couldn’t help but think that she was giving some very telling advice. Worry about yourself!

How often do we find that we are concerning ourselves with what others are doing rather than focusing on ourselves? Maybe we’re gossiping about the latest antics of the Kardashian family or one or more of the housewives of whatever city. Maybe we’re speculating about the financial or marital problems of a friend or acquaintance. Maybe we’re trolling the internet or social media and spouting our opinions about news, politics, parenting, or any other subject that we consider ourselves some sort of subject matter expert. Meanwhile, we’re neglecting our own families, or own finances, our own relationships, and even our own health and well-being. We try to make ourselves feel better by relishing in the misfortunes of others, trying to live vicariously through our children, and wasting our time and energy where it doesn’t belong.

Let’s take a few moments and give our own life the consideration that it is due. Are we doing all we can to live a fulfilling life? Do we handle our business and make sure that all is as it should be within our own household and family? What could we be doing today to improve? What kind of an example are we being to others? Today, let’s make the effort for ourselves instead of giving our energy away to others who have no real effect on our lives and in the words of one very wise little girl…..”worry about yourself!”


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